Kayak Snorkeling Tour

From: $49.00

Begin your tour with a Paddling Demonstration at a designated beach & Resort in Colebay.

Our guides will then kayak along with you past the incredible mega yachts docked at the various marinas which dot the coast line of the Simpsonbay Lagoon.

Optional R/T Transfers: $16pp



Leaving the Lagoon through the Simpsonbay Bridge, you will paddle gently along the Pelican Keys Southern coast and pull up your kayaks onto the white sandy beach at the Pelican Resort.

Optional R/T Transfers: $16pp

Cold refreshment

After trying out your snorkeling equipment you will swim out to the thriving reef at Pelican Rock where the guides will point out some of the fascinating and colorful creatures that inhabit the coral and rocky caverns.

After approximately 45 minutes, you will head back to our designated Resort for an ice cold refreshment and a discussion on the fish that you discovered during your swim.

Finish up at our chosen Resort with a cold refreshment and good conversation with your guides.

Excursion Cost : $49pp

Round Trip Transfers: (Optional) $16pp

Duration: 2.5hrs

Optional R/T Transfers: $16pp


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