Horseback Riding

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Let’s saddle up and explore the beauty of St. Maarten: Where Hooves Meet Paradise:

Varied Terrain Awaits:
Our trails wind through low and placid elevated terrain. Picture soft earth under hooves, the rustle of leaves, and the scent of wildflowers.
As we ride, the landscape shifts—magnificent scenery unfolds. Hills roll, and the Caribbean whispers its secrets.
Southernmost Stop:
Our horses pause at the southernmost point of the trail. Here, the Caribbean Sea stretches—azure and inviting.
Cameras click as riders pose against this backdrop—their silhouettes framed by cruise ships on the horizon.
Island Vistas:
Weather permitting, gaze beyond the sea. The islands reveal themselves:
Saba: Rising dramatically—a volcanic gem.
St. Barth’s: Chic and French, its beaches beckon.
St. Kitts & Nevis: Twin gems, lush and historic.
Guided Insights:
Our guide shares tales—the island’s rich history and the secrets of its flora and fauna.
Listen—the wind carries their whispers. The horses nod, as if in agreement.
All Levels Welcome:
Beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders—all find their rhythm. The horses know the way.
We ride along the rocky coastline, waves crashing nearby. The sea and sky merge—a canvas of blues.
Hooves echo, hearts soar. Let’s ride into paradise—one hoofbeat at a time!

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The Seaside Nature Park in Sint Maarten is a pristine oasis—a 30-acre expanse of unspoiled nature. Nestled near the high-density developments that characterize the island, this park is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Here’s what makes it special: Trail Variety: The park boasts a great variety of trails. Each path winds through the original vegetation of the island, revealing its secrets. As you walk, listen—the leaves whisper tales of resilience, storms, and the passage of time.

Unique Beauty: Seaside Nature Park is unique for Sint Maarten. Amid the hustle of modern life, it stands as a sanctuary—a place where nature reigns. Picture rolling hills, dense foliage, and glimpses of the Caribbean Sea. The air smells of salt and adventure.

Guided Insights: Our knowledgeable guides lead the way. They share stories—the island’s rich history, the flora and fauna that thrive here. Listen closely; their passion echoes. The horses nod, as if in agreement.

Horseback Rides: For a truly immersive experience, explore the trails on horseback. Feel the rhythm of hooves, the wind in your hair. As you ride, the landscape unfolds—vistas of St. Barts, Saba, and more. The sea sparkles, and the islands beckon. Seaside Nature Park—where footsteps leave no trace, and the heart finds solace. Let’s venture into this pristine piece of paradise!


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Ride Horses in Paradise

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Horseback Rides: Explore the trails on horseback and feel the rhythm of hooves and the wind in your hair. As you ride, the landscape unfolds—vistas of Saba, St. Barth’s, and more. The sea sparkles, and the island trail beckons.

The flora within Seaside Nature Park is a living tapestry—a celebration of diversity. Let’s explore this botanical wonder:

Barrelhead Cacti:
Imagine stout, ribbed columns rising from the earth. These are the barrelhead cacti—nature’s sculptures.
Their spines guard against the sun’s intensity, and their plump bodies store water. A testament to adaptation.
Sea Grape Trees:
The sea grape trees sway in the breeze, their leaves like oversized coins. They thrive near the coast, their roots embracing salty soil.
When the season smiles upon us, the trees bear fruit—clusters of edible grapes. Sweet and juicy, they mirror the sea’s colors.
Nature’s Symphony:
As you walk, listen—the leaves rustle, a gentle applause. Birds flit, their songs weaving through branches.
The rare and unique—they find refuge here. Each tree, each cactus, whispers its story.
Seaside Nature Park—where every leaf is a brushstroke, every bloom a masterpiece.

Explore the fascinating wildlife that graces Seaside Nature Park:

The mongoose, a small ferret-like animal, scampers through the underbrush. Its sleek body and curious eyes make it a captivating sight.
Keep an eye out for these agile creatures—they’re masters of adaptation.
Lizards and Iguanas:
The trails come alive with lizards—quick and elusive. Their scales shimmer in the dappled sunlight.
And then there are the iguana’s—ancient reptiles with spiky crests. They bask on sun-warmed rocks, blending into the landscape.
Land Crabs:
As you walk, watch for land crabs—their sideways scuttle a dance of survival. They emerge from burrows, their claws ready to defend.
These hardy crustaceans thrive in the coastal wilderness.
Wild Mountain Doves:
The wild mountain doves coo softly, their calls echoing through the trees. Their feathers blend with the earth—a symphony of browns and grays.
Listen—their song carries tales of ancient forests and hidden nests.
White Egret:
The white egret stands tall—a vision of elegance. Its long neck and snowy plumage make it a symbol of grace.
Watch it wade in shallow waters, hunting for fish and frogs.
Sparrow Hawk:
The sparrow hawk soars above, its keen eyes scanning the landscape. It’s a master of precision—a hunter of songbirds.
Its wings slice through the air, a silent predator.
Goats, Chickens, and Peacocks:
The park is home to a lively cast—goats, chickens, and peacocks.
And behold—the rare white peacock. Its iridescent plumage catches the sun, a living jewel.
Seaside Nature Park—where every creature has a story, and every rustle of leaves is a secret shared. Let’s cherish this wild haven!

Rates & Ride Times

1 Hour Scenic Trail & Beach Ride $75 pp 
2 Hour Sunset Champagne Ride $125 pp

1 Hour Private Trail and Beach Ride $100 pp Minimum Age: 6   

1 Hour Private Sunset Champagne Ride $150 pp                Minimum Age: 18


On Availability Only Maximum Weight 200lbs/91kilos

No Double Riders.



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