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Horses in Paradise
Trails & Tales Horse Riding Tour

Saddle-up & explore the Island beauty:

Where Hooves Meet Paradise!

Let's Go: Into Nature

Experience a truly immersive adventure  when you explore the amazing trails on horseback.

Feel the rhythm of hooves, the wind in your hair. As you ride, the landscape unfolds—vistas of St. Barts, Saba, and more.

The sea sparkles, and the islands beckon.

Seaside Nature Park—where footsteps leave no trace, and the heart finds solace.

The Seaside Nature Park in Sint Maarten is a pristine oasis—a 30-acre expanse of unspoiled nature. Nestled near the high-density developments that characterize the island, this park is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Three Horses

Let's Go: Island Spotting

Trail Variety:

The park boasts a great variety of trails.

Each path winds through the original vegetation of the island, revealing its secrets.

As you ride, listen—the leaves whisper tales of resilience, storms, and the passage of time.

Unique Beauty:

Seaside Nature Park is unique for Sint Maarten. Amid the hustle of modern life, it stands as a sanctuary—a place where nature reigns.

Picture rolling hills, dense foliage, and glimpses of the Caribbean Sea.

The air smells of salt and adventure.


Let's Go!

Guided Insights:

Our knowledgeable guides lead the way. They share stories—the island’s rich history, the flora and fauna that thrive here. Listen closely; their passion echoes. The horses nod, as if in agreement.

Varied Terrain Awaits:
Our trails wind through low and placid elevated terrain. Picture soft earth under hooves, the rustle of leaves, and the scent of wildflowers.
As we ride, the landscape shifts—magnificent scenery unfolds. Hills roll, and the Caribbean whispers its secrets.

Horseback Riding

Let's Go: Into the Water

Ride into the sea with your horse and treat the animals to a cooling swim in the ocean!

It is a must-have experience only from Seaside Nature Park.

Let's Go: Island Spotting

Island Vistas:
Weather permitting, gaze beyond the sea. The islands reveal themselves:

Rising dramatically—a volcanic gem.
St. Barth’s:

Chic and French, its beaches beckon.
St. Kitts & Nevis:

Twin gems, lush and historic.


Let's Go: The Flora

Embark on an enchanting journey through Seaside Nature Park and immerse yourself in its vibrant tapestry of plants and animals:

Barrelhead Cacti: Marvel at the stout, ribbed columns of barrelhead cacti that rise from the earth like nature's sculptures. These resilient plants store water in their plump bodies and stand as a testament to adaptation in the arid landscape.

Sea Grape Trees: Witness the graceful sway of sea grape trees, their leaves resembling oversized coins that shimmer in the coastal breeze. During the fruitful season, clusters of edible grapes adorn the branches, offering a sweet and juicy treat that mirrors the colors of the sea.


Let's Go: The Fauna

Explore the Fascinating Wildlife:

Encounter the mongoose, a playful creature with a sleek body and curious eyes, as it scampers through the underbrush, showcasing its mastery of adaptation.

Keep a keen eye out for lizards and iguanas, whose scales shimmer in the sunlight as they navigate the landscape with agility.

Observe the land crabs as they emerge from their burrows, ready to defend their territory with their formidable claws.


Nature's Symphony:

As you ride along the trails, experience nature's symphony as leaves rustle in gentle applause and birds flit through the branches, weaving melodies that resonate through the air.

Listen to the soft cooing of wild mountain doves and admire the elegance of the white egret as it gracefully hunts for fish and frogs in shallow waters.

Women Selfie on Beach

Relaxing Atmosphere:

Above, the sparrow hawk soars with precision, scanning the terrain for its prey, while below, a lively cast of goats, chickens, and peacocks adds to the park's vibrant atmosphere. 

Each tree and cactus holds a unique story, adding to the rich tapestry of Seaside Nature Park. 

Join us as we cherish and celebrate this wild haven together!


Let's Go: Back to Reality

Farewell Traveler:

 As our journey concludes, and we will return you to the Cruise Port or your Resort.

Just hop back on board and relish the memories of our adventure on your way back to the Cruise terminal or Resort.

Private Tours

Contact Us:

Private tours are available for those seeking a more personalized experience. Please note that a minimum of four participants is required for a private tour booking.

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