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Nature Tour

Wings of Paradise: Tropical Bird Park Excursion


Let's Go!

Neighborhood Gems:
Our adventure begins with a 20-minute drive from the cruise terminal. Buckle up as we traverse lively neighborhoods like Sucker Garden, where colorful houses peek through lush foliage.

Catch glimpses of locals going about their day in Philips burg —a snapshot of authentic island living.


Let's Go: Enjoy Nature

Experience the vibrant world of ParrotVille, where colorful avian wonders await you! Embark on a journey beyond the beaches and into the heart of nature's splendor. Under the guidance of our expert, delve into the captivating world of birds, learning about their unique nature, habits, and more. This tour is tailor-made for both avid birders and curious adventurers seeking more than just sun and sand. ParrotVille isn't merely a bird watching destination—it's an immersive encounter with nature itself.


Let's Go: Feed the Birds

Experience the spectacle of our feathered companions as they gracefully land on your hand, shoulder, or head to enjoy a delightful feast from the provided container of bird-seeds.

Marvel at the Sun Conure, Ring Neck Parakeet, Brown Throated Conure, and many more fascinating species.

Wander through our botanical garden, where lush plants, herbs, and vegetation provide a picturesque backdrop for our parrot residents. 

Let's Go: Uncover the Past

After feeding the birds, embark on a captivating little journey through time at the ParrotVille mini artifact museum, where each exhibit tells a story steeped in history and history comes to life with each fascinating exhibit. Delve into the historical uses of these artifacts as you uncover the rich tapestry of our past. 


Let's Go: Enjoy Nature

After feeding the birds, we get back on the road to feed the Lizards! This unique stop allows you to see and feed Iguanas up close and personal!

Tasty Treat:

Enjoy complimentary refreshing ice cream and sample the finest imported Dutch cheese at the beautiful Amsterdam Cheese Shop.

We invite you to explore the selection further and purchase your favorites to savor at your leisure.

From delectable cheeses to exquisite wines to adorable Dutch souvenirs, there's something for everyone to enjoy.


Let's Go: Back to Port

Farewell Traveler:
As the sun dips, our journey concludes, and you can: Return to the Cruise Terminal: Hop back on board, relishing the memories of our adventure on your way back to the cruise terminal.


Explore Philipsburg:

If you crave more, consider being dropped off in Philipsburg to continue exploring on your own. A three-minute taxi or water taxi ride takes you to the terminal. Alternatively, embrace the island spirit with a 20-minute walk back to the cruise terminal.

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