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Island Adventure Tour

Sint Maarten / Saint Martin—where cultures blend, waves dance, and memories linger. Let’s explore paradise together!

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Let's Go: Touring

Neighborhood Gems:
Our adventure begins with a 20-minute drive from the cruise terminal. Buckle up as we traverse lively neighborhoods like Sucker Garden, where colorful houses peek through lush foliage. Catch glimpses of locals going about their day in Oyster Bay and Coralita—a snapshot of authentic island living.

Orient Beach Oasis:
Arriving at Orient Beach, you’re greeted by soft sands and azure waters. It’s your time to unwind! Dip into the crystal-clear sea, feeling the gentle waves embrace you. Or lounge on the beach with a tropical cocktail in hand—the sun kisses your skin, and worries melt away.


Let's Go: Shopping

Marigot Marketplace Adventure:
Ready for some bargaining magic? We whisk you away to the bustling Marigot Marketplace in French St. Martin. Stroll through vibrant stalls where artisans display their wares. Spices, handcrafted jewelry, and vibrant fabrics beckon. Strike a deal, and take home a piece of the island’s soul.

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Let's Go: Plane-Spotting

Thrills at Maho Beach:
Brace yourself for the iconic Maho Beach experience! As massive jets descend toward the runway, you’re front-row witness to aviation magic. Feel the ground tremble as wheels touch down just feet away. And when those engines roar for takeoff, you’ll understand why this beach is legendary.

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Let's Go: Take Pictures

Cole Bay Hilltop Panorama:
Our final stop—a breathtaking vista awaits at the Cole Bay Hilltop Photo Spot. Stand atop the world, gazing across Simpson Bay, Cole Bay, and Indigo Bay. The islands in the distance beckon and the horizon stretches wide, these memories will soar with you forever.

Let's Go: Back to Port

Farewell Traveler:
As the sun dips, our journey concludes, and you can: Return to the Cruise Terminal: Hop back on board, relishing the memories of our adventure on your way back to the cruise terminal.


Explore Philipsburg: If you crave more, consider being dropped off in Philipsburg to continue exploring on your own. A three-minute taxi or water taxi ride takes you to the terminal. Alternatively, embrace the island spirit with a 20-minute walk back to the cruise terminal.

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